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Jonah's tomb: ISIS militants destroy Biblical sites in Iraq as Christians flee

Reports are surfacing that ISIS militant forces have actually destroyed the ancient tomb of Jonah at Mosul which dated to the 8th century BC. According to the Daily Caller on Friday, the site, which has long been considered sacred by followers of the Bible and the Quran, was reportedly closed and wired with explosives while visitors looked on. This site was called the tomb of Younis by Muslims for centuries, although it is not certain that the spot is actually where Jonah was buried. In the beloved story, Jonah refused to obey God and was swallowed by a whale where he remained for three days.

ISIS militants have reportedly destroyed the tomb of Jonah
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A video had been posted on YouTube showing what was allegedly the explosion of the ancient sacred place, but the reports are still slightly sketchy. Sadly, the tomb of Jonah may not be the only historic and sacred religious site being destroyed by ISIS forces. USA Today reported that a Mosul official said that the tomb of Daniel had also been destroyed. Daniel was a prophet, revered by both Muslims, Jews and Christians, but not actually mentioned in the Quran. The area around Mosul is the home of some of the earliest Christian churches and oldest relics. The scene is very sad.

Christians continue to flood out of Mosul, basically running for their lives. Earlier, they were faced with the option of paying an exorbitant tax for non-Muslims, but the choices have narrowed to: “convert, leave or die.” The Daily Beast reports that the Christians trying to flee are being harassed, cursed and even robbed of their money and valuables as they make their exodus. There have been a few Christians who chose to denounce the faith and convert to Islam to save their families and property. They are issued a document confirming their conversion, and they have to report to Mosque regularly.

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