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Jonah Hill admits to earning just $60K for 'Wolf of Wall Street' supporting role

Jonah Hill in Wolf of Wall Street
Jonah Hill in Wolf of Wall Street
Red Granite Pictures

Jonah Hill admitted to earning $60,000 for his role in the blockbuster movie, The Wolf of Wall Street. During an interview on the Howard Stern show Tuesday (Jan. 21), the 30-year-old actor said he was eager for a chance to work with director Martin Scorsese.

As E! reports, Hill agreed to accept the SAG minimum for the seven-month film shoot to play the role of stockbroker Donnie Azoff, opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. Discussing how much money he was paid to play the part of a wealthy Wall Street broker, "It was the minimum, I think SAG minimum is something like $60,000 before commissions and taxes," Hill told Stern.

Hill also revealed to Stern that he wanted to sign his contract quickly, before anyone could change their mind. "I said, 'I will sign the paper tonight. Fax me the papers tonight.' I want to sign them tonight before they change their mind. I said I want to sign them before I go to sleep tonight so they legally can't change their mind," Hill said.

His performance in The Wolf of Wall Street earned Hill an Academy Award nomination in the category of Best Supporting Actor. Hill said he was in shock about his nomination and in retrospect has no regrets whatsoever. "I would sell my house and give him all my money to work for [Scorsese] . . . I would have done anything in the world. I would do it again in a second," Hill said.