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Jon Spaihts in talks to re-write Doctor Strange

Wikimedia Commons

With Marvel already having a director hired and the hut for a leading man also underway, it appears as though the script is also going in for a re-write. News comes that Jon Spaihts (Prometheus) is in talks with Marvel to pen the re-write, per Spaihts' own twitter account.

The possible hire does make sense, as Spaihts is also currently writing a remake of The Black Hole for Disney for director Joseph Kosinski. Spaihts other notable works include The Darkest Hour and the incredibly divisive Prometheus however Spaiths claims his version was more streamlined by a re-write by Damon Lindelof and some character nuances and plot were cut in the name of ambiguity.

Overall this is another great prospect from Marvel as the Sorcerer Supreme's silver screen debut begins to gain traction. Take note that the movie has yet to even be officially greenlit for Marvel to be a part of Phase 3, but it seems well in its way at this point. We'll probably hear more in the coming weeks leading up to San Diego Comic Con in July.