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Jon Negroni's The Pixar Theory Explained

How possible is it that a string of movies by the same studio are all connected canonically in a single timeline? Extremely. (Exhibit A: Quentin Tarantino's films)

Jon Negroni, founder of The Pixar Theory's website is still up and running with updates in blue parenthesis as loyal theorists help to try and crack the code

Easter eggs are a huge part of the movie production process. They appear in the most subtle ways often to get a good laugh out of anyone who's paying close enough attention to catch the little joke or nod to a certain separate franchise, story, or what have you.

"The Pixar Theory" is a little bit further than that.Jon Negroni first developed this theory (and coined the name) after having watched a video about why all Pixar films are about the apocalypse. Negroni takes it a step further, connecting lines and connections all over Pixar's long history dating back to some of their earliest work. You can check out the full theory here, as we're not going to get into the entire thing right here.

It all starts with Brave which was a fantastic movie, and I'm not just saying that because I'm of Scottish heritage, although that did get me to buy a ticket. We're introduced to magic, animal personification, a mysterious witch who disappears behind doors, and the earliest time period that Pixar has dared to tread in, and that's where we both begin and end.

Now, I could sit here and type for days about all that Negroni has to offer in the way of his theory. There are a few holes I could poke in it, like the fact that he suggests humans throwing away sentient toys in Toy Story is the cause of AI animosity in The Incredibles which takes place roughly 30 years beforehand, but unless I'm not reading that right, that's really the only thing I would say is wrong with it.

I would highly recommend going to see all of Negroni's thoughts which are available through his website as previously mentioned.

Until we get to see some more of what Pixar has to offer us, we can't make a solid argument for the theory. We'd have to see what kind of allusions, if any, Finding Dory brings to light, and until Dinosaurs establishes the alternate timeline in which dinosaurs didn't go extinct, supporting the theory for how humans evolved into "supers," this is about as far as we can go right now.

Still, Negroni brought to life something really awesome through his hard work and dedicated movie-goer research. A pat on the back to you good sir. Since none of the Pixar themes happen in a linear timeline, it makes following the implied story really difficult. One of the larger premises we can gather, however, is that Buy 'N' Large or BNL appears in several different Pixar animated films. That, along with some of the Easter eggs like Sully from Monsters Inc. appearing in a stump carving in Brave, hint that this is more than just Easter eggs scattered around. This is all happening in the same universe.

But hey, it's just a theory for now. Keep back to Examiner and Jon Negroni if you want the full updates as they occur. Here at we encourage you to keep digging for the truth, but remember to never expect a confirmation. Like the long pursuit of Bigfoot, the truth should remain a mystery. How depressing would it be if someone from the studio came out and said: "Yes, that's exactly what we've been doing for 20 years." That would kind of suck. All that hard work we did would be validated, sure, but it takes the fun out of the uncertainty.

We hope you enjoy the theory, and keep checking back for movie updates, opinion articles, and your reviews for your favorite flicks to watch in 2014.

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