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Jon & Kate not together even on Thanksgiving- angry Hailey Tweets where he really is..

Jon Gosselin/ photo
   Jon Gosselin/ photo

It appears that Jon Gosselin lies to everyone around him, as long as it suits his purpose. 

He may have Tweeted that he was going to his grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving, but a vengeful on-off girlfriend Hailey Glassman says he’s just lying.  She Tweets in reply; 

 “LOL-U are in Utah snowboarding w/”friends”-lol-ur redic,”

Kate and the kids spent Thanksgiving at the home of her bodyguard Steve


Neild, his wife and their kids, reports   She clearly seems to be the responsible and present parent in her children’s life.

In the ten years that Kate and Jon, 32, have been married this is the first time Kate, 34, has celebrated Thanksgiving without her alienated husband.

Since she is not in speaking terms with her brother Kevin Kreider, who just so happens to have reconciled with Jon last month, she chose the company of people that she has previously described as “my best friends.”

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  • Becky, Clev. Family Examiner 5 years ago

    What a jerk! To not spend Thanksgiving with those adorable kids! I am shocked. So... he isn't with his kids, he isn't at his grandma's house, he isn't with his "girlfriend"... He can't keep any relationship going. He will be a very sad and lonely old man!