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Jon Jones is simply too good

Jon Jones is a beast
Jon Jones is a beast
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Jon Jones is a beast, plain and simple. He has an incredibly long reach, a strong background in amateur wrestling and off-the-charts athleticism (as two brothers in the NFL attest). With each fight, Jones demonstrates such an improved striking acumen that only the similarly long-limbed Alex Gustaffson proved to be any match for. However, Jones's best ability may be his ability to adjust to what his opponent is trying to do. At UFC 172 on April 26, Jones proved that ability once again by working his way inside of Glover Teixeira's range and battering his way to an easy unanimous decision victory.
Jon Jones trains under Greg Jackson, who is known for his ability to create very effective gameplans. In his post-fight interview, Jones said that his gameplan was to work takedowns and beat Teixeira with his grappling. However, Jones never seemed to look for a takedown during the fight, opting to first strike with Teixeira using his range. As the fight progressed, Jones got closer and closer to Teixeira until he was pinning the Brazilian black belt against the cage, putting his head on Teixeira's chest and nailing him with all manner of strikes. By the end of the fight Jones was clowning his helpless opponent and fans were left wondering if there was anyone who could beat this beast.
One of the staples of a good NFL coach is the ability to adjust to their opponent during the game. Watching Jones fight is like watching Bill Belichick coach his Patriot team to a victory. Belichick and Jones both seem to an almost uncanny ability to make the proper adjustments. The difference is that Belichick is on the sideline coaching while Jones is in the cage, dealing with an opponent intent on hurting him.
Jones came into the UFC as an athletic wunderkind. His potential was obvious, but there have been thousands of athletes of similar ability who failed to live up to the billing. At UFC172 Jones showed that he is reaching his potential. Gustaffson is the only fighter who really gave Jones a good fight, but even he does not have the same physical potential that Jones has. The only real choice that the UFC has for an opponent for Jones right now is Gustaffson, but I am willing to bet that Jones will figure out a way to beat Gustaffson in impressive fashion should the rematch take place. A move to heavyweight may be Jones's only option for continued growth as a fighter. He is too dominant at light heavyweight.