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Jon Gosselin wants Kate to have a psych eval and custody of his kids

On Feb. 5 HNGN reports that Jon Gosselin not only plans to sue his ex-wife for custody of his sextuplets because they are afraid of Kate, but he wants her to go for a psych eval because he fears that she might be brainwashing his 13-year old twins Maddy and Cara.

Jon Gosselin wants his ex-wife Kate to go for a psych eval because he feels that she is brainwashing his twins.
Photo by Ben Gabbe

After an awkward interview on the Today Show, the Gosselin twins became eerily quiet when the subject of their father came up. Jon thinks it's because Kate is manipulating the girls to make him look like a bad guy, and he fears that they are also living in fear of Kate as their six younger brothers and sisters do.

According to Jon, the girls are being used to make their lives look like they are better than they actually are with Kate. They are used to reality television where they just went about their daily lives and did and said what they wanted and it was edited in a studio. They aren't used to a script from anyone as to what they should do or say, which is what it appears in the interviews that the girls have attended with their mother, Kate Gosselin.

At this time, while Jon claims that he is working on gaining temporary custody of his sextuplets, no legal action has been taken as of yet. Since Jon has been working in a cafe waiting tables, it might be that he doesn't have the funds gathered yet to go to court.

Do you think that Kate Gosselin is brainwashing her children?

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