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Jon Gosselin threatens to snap and reveal the truth about Kate Gosselin

Jon Gosselin claims he is close to snapping and revealing the whole truth about Kate Gosselin
(Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Jon Gosselin has revealed that he is on the verge of snapping where is ex-wife Kate Gosselin is concerned and is about to start spitting out the real truth about Kate and everything that has gone down between the former "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" stars according to Radar Online reports on Tuesday, July 23.

“I haven’t spoken in four years, so now I’m doing stuff and it is all coming out because I don’t care anymore,” Jon told

“Are you going to sue me? I don’t care. I’ll go to court by myself and for what? For freedom of speech? For freedom of expression? For actually telling the truth? I’m not under injunction anymore and I think that’s the fear of the network and the fear of my former wife but the truth is actually going to come out because one day, I’m just going to snap.”

Jon Gosselin also claims when the time comes and it is quickly approaching, everything is going to come out to the public. Jon also stated that he was not bashing his ex Kate Gosselin, but...that she needs to do what is best for the kids.

“I don’t have fear of my former wife,” he added. Jon also was very adamant that he and Kate Gosselin are no where near being friends and that it is very unlikely that they ever will be friends.

“We still argue about custody,” Jon says. “I don’t know why she doesn’t want to work together? I don’t know what the hate is, what the revenge is? She chose TV, she wanted to get divorced, she marketed the children. I just sit here. I really don’t go out that much.”

Jon Gosselin has also revealed that he has written his own book, but is not sure when he will publish his view on the situation between him and Kate.

“It has a lot of stuff going on, legality wise, I mean it would pretty much sum up everything. Why I did this, where I went, what was the purpose, I mean, leaving the network, I had to make money. I had to do appearances; it was the only way I could make money.

“I have a good heart. I’m a kind person. I know I’m trustworthy,” he says in the interview. “Someone tells me a secret, it doesn’t go anywhere. I have so many secrets about the entertainment world and all the people I’ve met and have never released them, ever."

Jon Gosselin claims that he understands that one day his children will be grown and read all about the craziness that their lives have become, and all the mistakes he made.

“So the mistakes I made, and the people I dated, I will have to own up to that.”

What are your thoughts about Jon Gosselin's threats to snap and reveal the truth about Kate Gosselin? Will he go through with it, or will he back down from Kate?

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