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Jon Gosselin's friends say: 'Kate will never take responsibility'

Jon Gosselin's friends fire back after Kate's 'Today' show interview
Jon Gosselin's friends fire back after Kate's 'Today' show interview

She said, he said...they said.


After her appearance on the "Today" show, when Kate sat down with host Meredith Vieira to clear up the rumors about two of her children (Collin and Alexis) being expelled from school, Kate also took the opportunity to take a relatively "light" swipe at ex-husband Jon.

Disputing Jon's apparent "Tweeted" apology to her, Kate told "Today", "I have never personally been apologized to. I don't personally consider an interview on TV or a tabloid as an apology, unfortunately. But I have strangely and ironically forgiven him for the sake of my kids."

Response from Team Jon

Not surprising - Jon's friends are advising against believing a word that comes out of Kate's mouth.

"She's in even more denial than Dina Lohan," a FOJ ("friend of Jon") told, referencing Dina's visit to the "Today" show last month. "Kate takes shots at Jon on national TV but will never take any personal responsibility for the mess this family is in. It's like everything that went wrong was all Jon's fault and had nothing to do with her."

Anyone who watched the former couple's reality show, "Jon and Kate Plus 8" knows that the demise of their marriage was not due to one party's bad behavior.

Some think that it's a bit hypocritical for Kate to claim that the children's issues are a private matter, while at the same time going on national TV to promote a show centered around her kids.

"She wants it both ways. It's time she stopped blaming others, including Jon, and started looking in the mirror," said a TV insider to

"It's all just so sad. No, Jon is not without fault but at least he isn't going on national TV and talking about their family business," said Lisa M of Cincinnati.

Do Tell: What do you think of Jon's posse's commentary?


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