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Jon Gosselin bashes ex-wife, Kate, during 'Couples Therapy' show

While Jon Gosselin was filming an episode of “Couples Therapy,” he allegedly just got off the phone with his ex-wife Kate. The phone call left him emotionally fired up and he exploded over things that Kate apparently said to him. However, a source who is close to Kate told Radar Online, on March 3, 2014, that the phone call was nothing more than a staged set-up to enhance drama for Jon on the show.

NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 31: Jon Gosselin attends Talent Resources Sports presents Maxim 'Big Game Weekend' sponsored by AQUAhydrate, Heavenly Resorts, Wonderful Pistachios, Patron Tequila, Touch by Alyssa Milano and Philippe Chow at ESPACE on January 31, 2
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Not everything you see or hear on TV reality shows is true. On “Couples Therapy,” they show Jon holding his cell phone on his lap. Then, with cameras rolling, Jon starts ranting, “It’s narcissistic, bullsh*t behavior. And she can go out and talk about the kids anytime she wants! She can tweet and have a f**kin’ website dedicated to them, every f**kin’ book she’s ever put out because she wants to keep being on television which is never gonna f**kin’ happen, so she can f**kin’ die.”

The rest of his banter, on what he thought about his ex-wife, was very explicit and not in the nicest context.

The source told Radar Online, “Kate never talked to Jon on the phone during his “Couples Therapy” tryst. In fact, Jon and Kate haven’t actually spoken on the phone in years; they just text. But either way, the entire scene with Jon exploding and going off on Kate was just something he orchestrated to make himself relevant on the show and make sure he got screen time.”

Jon is in this therapy to learn how to make his relationship work with his new companion, Liz Jannetta. Apparently, his problems with Liz aren’t as exciting or drama filled and the ones he has with Kate. Because Kate is not there to tell her side, he has no to contradict him.

They constantly battle each other saying it is for the sake of the children. Jon believes that his kids have developmental problems because of their TV show “Jon & Kate Plus 8.” Kate denies that their children have any problems at all. Jon and Kate divorced in 2009.

Do you think this was a wise move on Jon's part to bash Kate? Do you believe that Jon should try to fix his relationship with Liz and not focus so much on Kate? Sound off below.

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