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Jon Gosselin alleges Kate Gosselin uses his kids on ‘Wendy’ (video)

Jon Gosselin only communicates with Kate Gosselin by text message and the former reality star hasn’t seen his ex-wife for a long time. Talking to Wendy Williams on Tuesday, the man who America used to hate is sounding pretty normal these days. Jon Gosselin opened up about his family and life after TLC’s Kate & Jon Plus 8 and his life seemed to be very simple. However, when it comes to Kate Gosselin, the story sounds extremely complicated, especially when it comes to the kids.

Jon Gosselin vowed to fight any new reality shows with his kids. He suggested that he wanted out of the TLC contract as he didn’t want his divorce documented in reruns for his kids to watch. As for the kids, he alleges there is some behind the scenes maneuvering being done by Kate Gosselin.

“I only know what she says by the media,” said Jon Gosselin on The Wendy Williams Show. As for the kids and their view points, Jon was quick to share that he felt there were other influences when it comes to his kids speaking to the media. As Wendy Williams pointed out, the Gosselin twins were in a recent issue of People magazine. “I think there is some goading and ultimatums.”

While Jon Gosselin was soft when talking about Kate Gosselin, Wendy Williams offered another perspective about Kate that was outside the interview. Suggesting that Kate Gosselin was difficult during her time on Dancing With the Stars and even required a dance studio to be put in her basement.

Take a look at the video clip of Jon Gosselin talking about his life after the TLC show.

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