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Jolie to be evil in Maleficient

Angelina Jolie
Getty Images

Who would have thought Angelina Jolie would ever team up with Disney? Well, now it's a reality as the Academy Award winning actress has been added to the roster of Maleficient, Disney's new live action portrayal of Sleeping Beauty. Jolie has actually been looking forward to the film for quite some time now and will star as the evil sorcerer Maleficient who casts a spell on Princess Aurora.

The film is scheduled for release in early 2014 and tells the classic tale of the sleeping princess from the point of view of the villian. This is sure to give Jolie another opportunity to wow her fans with her unbelievable acting chops. The project appears to be a passion of hers as she recently did an interview with Entertainment Weekly where she discussed the early stages of the film's production.

The film will be a directorial debut for production designer Robert Stromberg who has already won two Academy Awards for his work on the films Avatar and Alice in Wonderland. He's certain to give an interesting twist on Maleficient's classic "horned" look. As Jolie stated in her interview, "We're experimenting with different things. But the horns are the horns-you can't deny them." I'm sure we'll all be anxiously awaiting the talented actresses and her curious new look in the film.

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