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"Joker's Daughter" Might Be The Worst Comic of the Year

Joker's Daughter
DC Comics

Full of shock value, intentionally confusing developments that serve as "twists," and very short on plot or purpose, "Joker's Daughter" might be the worst comic I've read in 2014 thus far.


Down in the sewers, the demented drug addict/cutter who considers herself the Joker's Daughter, finds the skin mask of the Joker's face (from Death of the Family apparently). Wanting to have some of the Joker "inside of her," she eats some of it, but decides she needs more and has to find him.

If anyone can find the Joker, it's Batman of course, so JD decides to go blow up a school bus to get his attention. When Bats arrives, he finds the bus is full of dummies. He takes a scrap of clothing from one, and runs down into the sewers, where JD has been tracking him for an ambush. Bats smacks her around a bit before declaring she isn't worth the effort, running off. She follows behind him, cutting herself as she does, then walks right into a trap. A couple cops slap the cuffs on her and haul her to Arkham. She manages to bite her wrists and get the handcuffs off, attacking the cops and crashing the squad car. Freed, she decides to go to Arkham anyway and hear about the Joker's legend.

At the asylum, JD attempts to hear about the Joker from a trio of orderlies, who mock her for her obsession before she slashes one and runs off. She runs into the Anchoress, who grabs her head through the bars and uses powers to stimulate her to talk about her past. She has several, all ripped from After School Specials. Anchoress decries her as a phony, a sane girl who wants to be special. JD runs off, crying, not wanting anyone to know she's not really mad or the daughter of the Joker.

Later, JD has worked out her feelings by conquering the "Gotham Underground," and finds the Dollmaker, demanding that he sew Joker's face onto her. He does after a quick bargain, and she digs around in his things, finding a vial of the Joker's blood and injecting it into her neck.

A bit later still, JD sleeps in an abandoned building. She wakes up to see her Ugly Cat has killed a handful of rats, and finds a note tied to his collar in purple ink; "hello beautiful." She takes this as proof the Joker knows what she's doing, and approves.

Why the hell does this book exist? Like most of my reviews, I'm coming at this from "new #1, guess I'll pick this up." I don't know anything about this Joker's Daughter, and this book didn't really explain anything either.

If I'm going purely by what this book tells me, the "Joker's Daughter" is a pathetic Joker groupie who's willing to cut people, herself, and inject/eat other people's body parts. Apparently she's not insane though. Right off the bat, that makes no sense. Isn't wanting pieces of someone inside of you pretty crazy? If it's part of her "ascendancy" to being a real threat in Gotham, couldn't they show her in her normal life, instead of obfuscating things?

Also, I don't know how long Joker has been without a face, or how long this woman has apparently been eating pieces of it (BTW, ewwwwwwwwwwww), but I have to imagine it'll rot very shortly or she'll get some kind of disease from eating raw flesh or injecting bad blood. Good to know this character will die soon, one more reason to not care.

Really, I don't even know what the point is of this book. You'd think the a one-shot dedicated to introducing a new villain would establish her as a major threat, but within pages Batman has determined JD to not be worth his time and leaves her for the police. This does not make me think she's the next great super-villain, I start thinking I wasted my money buying this book.

Bottom line, "Joker's Daughter" is terrible. She's the Joker's daughter but she isn't, she's crazy but she isn't, etc. Plus throw in the gore and disgusting bits just for laughs, and you have a book that is unreadable. So just avoid it. Do not read "Joker's Daughter" and quite frankly avoid anything with this character like the plague.

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