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Jojo's Fashion Show World Tour

Jojo's Fashion Show World Tour is the third installment of Gamelab's original fashion-based time management game. While there aren't any major changes to the format or gameplay, the tried-and-true formula still works and the minor improvements make this a worthwhile download.

Pros: Same format as previous games in the series, improvements on model looks, lots of new styles, tons of new clothing pieces, the new 'design' section, addictive and runs smooth.

Cons: Same format as previous games in the services, male models are still somewhat boring to dress.

You still dress models to go down the runway, you still try to get the challenges and chain models and styles for bonus points, as well as power-ups to swap out pieces of clothing, etc. They also brought back the male models.

The look of the models has improved, and the 'design' portion of the game has had a bit of an overhaul. Instead of just collecting clothing pieces you've already seen on the runway, you get to actually design some pieces and outfits for use on the runway! You pick a style your outfit is geared towards, then choose the piece, color, pattern, pattern color and accent color. How fun is that? (Hint: The correct answer is, 'very'.)

All in all, this game is as addictive as the first two, the design section is a great addition, and the game still runs smoothly, though the male model parts may still seem a bit mundane as they did in the second game.

Download at Gamehouse Games

Download at Bigfish Games

Download at Reflexive Arcade