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Joined at the Heart

Two hearts forever joined
Two hearts forever joined
Darla Noble

Parenting is about a lot of things...including the responsibility of creating opportunities for multiple generations of your family to share, love and learn from one another.

I cannot begin to express how blessed my children were to have my grandmother play such a major role in their upbringing and their lives in general. She read to them, played with them, cooked for them, taught them how to do oh, so many things and most of all, she loved them.

Granny was the one they called when they had news to share. Granny was the one they went to for extra attention and encouragement that didn't come from 'just' Dad and Mom. Granny was the one they learned history from and the one they looked to when they needed an example of strength and endurance.

So when the tables turned...when Granny was the one that needed care, comfort, strength and encouragement, there wasn't a moment's hesitation on their parts to work side by side with me to be all those things for Granny.

On the day we said goodbye to Granny for the last time, my hear and the hearts of my children were heavy and sad-sad for what we would no longer enjoy. But they were happy, too. We were happy for the treasured memories we would never have to let go of and for the fact that our hearts were forever joined with Granny's.