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Spring Conditioning Group Flyer

Getting into shape is never an easy task. Time and time again we vow to stick to that diet or start exercising, but somehow a plethora of obstacles manage to get in our way. 50% of people who start a formal exercise routine quit in a few months. Why is that? Do they not need to exercise like the rest of us? The truth is whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, or just start a healthier lifestyle a huge factor in your success is ACCOUNTABILITY. 

 We all have reasons to quite exercising: kids, bills, pets, and jobs. The list of responsibilities is endless in an adult’s life…but what about you?   With summer just ahead of us, now is the time to take charge of your health and fitness and start a new and fun workout program.
JW Fitness is hosting its very first Spring Conditioning Group in Thornton, CO. The spring session will be held April 1st through May 4th. Classes will be at 6pm every Tuesday and Thursday in Springvale Park (136th and Holly).   Jenn Woodworth, the Spring Conditioning Group trainer, will combine cardio, core training, and strength exercises to help you burn fat and put on the long, lean muscles you have always wanted. By using techniques from Pilates, yoga, and kick boxing you can get optimal calorie burning and strength training in one.  Jenn will also provide nutritional guidance and the most important thing; she will hold you accountable so you reach your fitness goals.  
For questions and to enroll in the Spring Conditioning Group email Jenn at: This six week training course is $180 and payment is due at the first session. Class spots are limited so reserve your spot today!
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