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Join the movement toward global happiness

Now is the time for a global change of bringing all people together in one accord through the power of the Internet. At no time in history has it been easier to disperse information among the masses and change the world for better with intentional choices.

World collaboration is needed for solutions to major issues like

  • a physical environment that threatens human life due to excessive population and consumption growth
  • an economic system so focused on making money that it has lost regard for the consequences for humans and the earth
  • a social system of growing extreme inequality between rich and poor despite a heritage of the earth's natural wealth for all inhabitants
  • a political system dominated by global financial institutions and speculators dealing in billions of dollars buying and selling huge corporations manipulating governments through promises and money.

Some of the major environmental issues threatening life as we know it are

  • climate chaos
  • fresh water depletion
  • healthy fertile soil depletion
  • chemical contamination
  • destruction of forests
  • fishing industry collapse
  • melting ice caps.

What must happen:

  • Natural resources must be redistributed from the rich to the poor, from luxury uses to life-essential needs.
  • Sustainable communities must focus on their people more than material goods. Those designed communities must be more centralized and not sprawling, have more public transportation and walking and biking areas instead of private vehicles and congested highway networks.
  • The message must be spread that human nature is about caring for the good of all to create the world we all want, a world of clean air, food, water, healthy educated children growing up in loving families in safe, peaceful caring communities, fulfilling work that supports those families throughout lifetimes, the right to be heard in decisions that affect the lives of all.
  • More must be spent on education, health care and peace instead of wars. That education must be for better living, not more consumption. The health care must be more preventative instead of caring for poor health choices leading to obesity, heart disease and diabetes.
  • World militaries and arms must be dismantled and better ways found for settling international disputes.

Women changed their role in society through local meetings that spread across grass roots organizations. The same method worked for civil rights and the growing voluntary simple living movement. Stories of how life has been improved by those who have decided to work shorter weeks, live in smaller homes and consume less to have more quality time to do what they love are all over the Internet.

Spread the word. Let others know the time has come for a better life for all on the planet, moving away from dominating Empires to collaborative Earth Communities. Read the YES! magazine website for positive stories.

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