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Join the Mob with Tune Mob

Download Tune Mob and have a party
Download Tune Mob and have a party
Tune Mob

Growing rapidly in popularity, one of the newest iTunes apps is called TuneMob. Catching the music world by storm, it can be downloaded to an iPhone 4s or newer, iPad 3 or newer and iPod 5th generation devices. Countries all over the world are downloading this very cool new music application…..and it is free….for now.

TuneMob allows the user to stream music from an iDevice to six other iDevices, up to the present unheard of. Music is played in sync on all selected devices, which can create an instant party. There is no need for network setup and TuneMob works automatically over Bluetooth.

Benjamin Nowak creator of TuneMob says, “We believe that anyone who loves music and owns an iDevice can use and enjoy TuneMob! The future holds big advances for the app and its users. Look for new features and platforms coming soon! ”

The iTunes store suggests multiple uses for TuneMob: “Start a party wherever you are! Connect everyone’s jam box at the beach to bring the noise; get stadium sound by connecting multiple pick-ups while tailgating; share music across multiple boats docked together; share music through headphones while cycling or doing athletic activities with a group; play music all throughout the inside and outside of your house during a party; at school and on the school bus; hiking and camping; or at lunch you can do something with everyone’s phone on the table.”

TuneMob has been billed as very cool. So download TuneMob today and join the mob!