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Join in Senior Adult Fun at the Park and Learn Some Great Games and Exercises

Join in Senior Adult Fun at the Redstone Park
Join in Senior Adult Fun at the Redstone Park
Join in Senior Adult Fun at the Redstone Park

For the third year in a row, you can come to Redstone Park in Highlands Ranch, CO for some fun and games, made especially for seniors as well as adults of all ages. You don't need to pay admission, but there will be food and drinks for sale. Senior Adult Fun at the Park was designed specifically to offer some great physical activity for seniors and other adults, as well as an event to socialize and make new friends in the process. This event has been sponsored and arranged by Senior Outreach Services of Highlands Ranch.

This event will go on rain or shine, so be sure to check the weather forecast a day or two ahead of time so you can dress properly for the weather, or plan to bring an umbrella. The games will be held between 9 AM and 12 PM, and the address is 3280 Redstone Park Circle, Highlands Ranch, CO. The park is just a half hour drive from downtown Denver, depending on traffic and construction. There will be live music during the event, as well.

You can take your pick for which activities to participate in that morning, and you will definitely have plenty of great options. These games and activities were chosen because they are stimulating and challenging, without being too strenuous.

Bocce (pronounced “botchy”) Ball – A game from Italy that can be played outside on the grass, and combines what we know and love about ski ball and shuffleboard. This is played in small, even numbered teams, and the objective is to toss or roll your ball as close to the “Jack” or “Pallino” ball as possible. The Jack or Pallino is the smallest ball in the set. Whichever team gets their ball closest to the Jack wins that round.

Cornhole – A very easy and fun game, very popular for backyard parties. The objective is to toss a 1 lb bag filled with corn kernels into a hole in the cornole board opposite from where you are standing. You and your opponent will take turns tossing the bags into the hole, and you score a point each time you get the bag into the hole. The player or team to reach 21 points first, wins the game.

Lawn Tennis – The most strenuous game that will be played at this event. The same basic rules for court tennis apply to lawn tennis.

Zumba Gold – This is the dance-fitness “Zumba”, but offers low impact moves designed mainly for older adults, or for those with joint problems. These dance moves and simple and all you do is follow the moves of the teacher, or the one leading the Zumba Gold class. This is a great workout to do on your own at home, since it is a great whole body workout.

Gentle Yoga – There are many types of Yoga, and you definitely won't be doing the types that twist your into a pretzle or make you stand on your head! Gentle yoga gives you the benefits of yoga, like quieting your mind, gently toning your muscles and stretching them, in moves that you won't mind doing.

Tai Chi – Tai Chi is a series of slow and deliberate movements, and the practice is ancient. You will be guided through the moves, which are supposed to help you focus your mind as well as tone and stretch your muscles and get your blood flowing.

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