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Join me to walk for farm animals

Walk For Farm Animals
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There are many farm sanctuaries and organizations in the world that help to support better treatment of farm animals. Farm Sanctuary is one of these organizations. They have one farm in New York and two in California, but their outreach goes way further than that. They are one of the most prominent and integral organizations for farm animals in the nation. Not only do they help to rescue and care for animals at risk, they also serve to educate the public in order to stop commercial farm cruelty.

Join me as I walk for farm animals. Starting September 8 – November 3, you can pick a city to walk about three miles in order to raise funds. There will be walks in over 35 cities in the United States and Canada. I have started an team in both Los Angeles and San Diego. If there is not a walk in a city near you, you can participate in a Sleep In For Farm Animals to raise funds and awareness and still be eligible for prizes. The team I created is for both readers and writers of You can also walk as an individual and not be part of any team. Together we can join to get as many donations as we can to help raise awareness for the treatment of farm animals.

The organization supports vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. If we each cut out or cut down our consumption of animal products, we can make a huge impact on how many animals are saved. When we learn about commercial farm practices and see horrifying videos and photos of actual farms, most of us want to change the way we live and how our planet regards animals.

When you visit the Farm Sanctuary’s website, you can obtain information about the truth of how farm animals are treated. The more people know about farm practices, the more awareness is raised. This will change the way you shop at supermarkets. Once we know what goes on behind the scenes, we will wish to change our ways and become part of the solution, instead of adding to the problem. When you buy products that support these farms, you are part of the problem. When you become aware that animals are sentient beings with feelings, both emotional and physical, then your eating habits change.

For over 25 years, Farm Sanctuary has rescued and provided shelter for abused farm animals, educated the masses about the cruelty administered to them, and helped raise awareness to teach humans to care about these glorious beings. From my own experience, I can share with you that befriending farm animals and caring for their well-being is one of the quickest ways to inner peace and communion with our spiritual inner world. When I look into my goat’s eyes, I am filled with a love that feels like it comes directly from God. I have seen this in many animals’ eyes, but as I approach a vegan lifestyle, I spend more and more time with animals that are raw food vegans.

Join the team for the walk for farm animals. You can also just donate or participate in the Sleep In For Farm Animals on November 3rd. Why not walk in as many cities as you can? This is also a great way to meet like-minded people that are caring and wish to help make a change in the world. Go to and sign up today.

Lara De Ann is a writer of books and kindle e-books. She also performs weddings and memorial services. These unique memorial services are influenced by the deceased who lets Lara know what to include in the ceremony. Visit


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