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Join a Santa Cruz slumber party healing retreat with Noga Vilozny

Noga Vilozny holds holistic slumber party style women's retreat.
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Connect with Noga Vilozny, healer, coach, singer, dancer and speaker on Wednesday, June 25 through Friday, June 27 for an exceptional invite-only event for women in beautiful Santa Cruz.

Spend three full days and two nights of powerful renewal and transformation in sisterhood with the guidance of Noga, eating nutritious, delicious meals, and feeling nurtured on countless levels. (Chocolate and popcorn will be involved)!

What to expect ~

Meet new best friends for life.

Discover intuition on a whole new level, giving an upgraded truth of safety, as well as guidance on how to draw anything your heart desires.

Find fun, discovery, curiosity, lots of laughter and JOY!

Learn a new game to get divine guidance on any subject.

Look naturally different after this event, with no added make-up or procedures, appearing and feeling younger. Beauty and radiance will glow outward.

Color-consultation provided by Noga. “This aspect of Sweet Space with Noga is very valuable, giving you power, confidence, self-esteem, making you much more attractive and alluring on job interviews and dates, and creating a powerful effect making the people around you want to give what your heart desires in the Highest Way, in the Highest Good! It's a highly practical body of information to carry with you; be empowered with knowledge that will save you money and precious time. Be blown away by this portion of the event, and pleasantly shocked at how fun, easy and sweet it is to be seen and loved for who you naturally and uniquely *are*,” she says.

Additional full-length private sessions with Noga are available to purchase for the week before and after the retreat at a wonderful discount.

Find a brand-new connection with your Body Temple and with nature. This will prevent dis-eases, solve physical problems, provide the best sleep in the world, plus energy for each day and take years off your face. Find out what it is!

Noga's Top 10 Secrets of Eternal Youth. (Be surprised to discover, after seeing her pictures and meeting Noga, that she is 40 years of age)! These 10 techniques work amazingly at every age and get more and more effective with practice. Good news: Noga's appearance is not due to lucky genes. People currently guess that she is one to two decades younger than she is, when 15 years ago, they thought she was older than that! These are scientifically and energetically effective tools.You will be very blessed, delighted and happy to learn these Top 10 Secrets)!

Learn a new form of prayer/meditation, giving instant peace and clarity whenever needed.

Find healing, closure, and guidance on three important parts of life. These resolutions will not only feel amazing, but give you solid direction on how to solve problems so as to go forward with trust, eagerness, and positive expectation. Hands-on healing may be included where needed.

Learn a fun, easy way to use music to instantly and dramatically shift you from a bad mood to bliss, from frustration to passionate joy, from sadness to gladness. A tool to love!

Know how to find and make the best friends, as well as become your own best friend.

Prayer and guided meditations allow you to fully relax into the receiving of a new part of you.

Learn how to access your own wisdom and come back into the pleasure and joy you were meant to experience.

Receive practical answers and solutions to what's on your mind and heart. Things that once baffled you will dissipate and suddenly appear clear.

Find fun, discovery, curiosity, lots of laughter and joy!

Price: $3,000 in 3 monthly installments of $1,000 or full-pay option of $2,700
Lodging and food paid separately, in addition to event registration.

To register, complete the application. Noga will review and connect with you personally to make sure that this event is a true match for you at this time. Be sure to click the blue "See more" link to read the full juicy details of what will be happening at the retreat.

By June Smith

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