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Johny Hendricks wants to fight Chris Weidman someday

According to a Jan. 27 report from MMA Fighting, hard-hitting wrestling standout Johny Hendricks (15-2) says he's interested in fighting UFC middleweight champ Chris Weidman someday.

Johny Hendricks wants to fight Chris Weidman someday
Johny Hendricks wants to fight Chris Weidman someday
Photo by Sarah Glenn/Getty Images

Hendricks, 30, has a plan that includes winning and defending the UFC's 170 pound belt, before moving up to the 185-pound weight class to fight Weidman.

Hendricks and Weidman are both world-class wrestlers who walk around close to 220 pounds when they aren't fighting.

Hendricks would be at a five-inch height disadvantage against Weidman, but he says he doesn't mind.

"It would, wouldn’t it?" Hendricks said when asked if he thought a fight between him and Weidman made sense. "We’re both wrestlers, both strong people. And if I get six months to really lift weights, and my body just loves weights, I know I can change myself to where 185 would be…not a hard weight cut but a lot easier than making 170."

Hendricks explained that he's already at a significant height disadvantage against 170-pounders, so moving up to 185 wouldn't be a big deal.

Most of the guys fighting at 185 pounds are 6-foot-1 or 6-foot-2, which isn't that far off from the men at 170 pounds.

"Yeah, that would be great, wouldn’t it?" Hendricks said of moving up to 185 pounds. "Here’s the thing -- what do I fight now? Everybody’s six foot, six-two. There’s no height difference between 185 and 170. Everybody’s a giant.

"Here’s what I was thinking: Who in today’s age is…wanting should I say, definitely in my weight class…wants to go up a weight class and try to have two belts? Two different weight classes? I want to win [the 170-pound belt], defend it, do whatever the UFC wants me to do…hopefully I can get it, defend it a couple of times and say, ‘hey, can I move up to 185?’"

Realistically, a superfight between Hendricks and Weidman won't happen until at least 2015.

Hendricks is already lined up to fight Robbie Lawler for the UFC's vacant 170-pound belt, and Weidman defends his middleweight belt against Vitor Belfort sometime this summer.