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Johny Hendricks 'bummed out' by Georges St-Pierre's ACL tear

According to an Apr. 2 report from MMA Junkie, Johny Hendricks is legitimately sad that Georges St-Pierre suffered what could be a career-ending ACL tear.

It does bum me out; it does stink. It sucks when you hear about anybody getting injured. It doesn’t matter when it is, who it is or how it happened. It always sucks. You don’t wish anything bad upon anybody. So when I heard about him getting injured, I felt bad that he got injured again. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and hopefully he comes back.

Here's the thing: Hendricks might be really sad that St-Pierre is injured, but it's not because he feels bad for him.

Hendricks is actually upset about St-Pierre's ACL tear because the injury means he won't get to fight the Canadian legend again any time in the near future.

St-Pierre walked away from the UFC following his win over Hendricks at UFC 167. Ever since then, Hendricks has been gunning for the opportunity to avenge the loss.

Now that St-Pierre is injured, it's looking less likely than ever that Hendricks will have the chance to fight him again.

As for Hendricks, he's also going to be on the shelf for an extended period of time. Hendricks suffered a torn bicep during his recent fight against Robbie Lawler, and he isn't likely to return until at least September.

I want to push myself to the limit, but I want to keep it within the doctor’s range. I’m saying I’ll return anywhere from September to November. I know that’s a huge spread, but if I’m healing up quickly, which I believe I’m going to, then September is easy. Then again, I don’t want to push it too quick because if I reinjure it, I’ll be out even longer.

While Hendricks is recovering, he's hoping the welterweight division moves forward to narrow down the top five contenders into one.

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