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Johnstown area camping: Glendale Camper Rentals takes stress out of camping

Leave the stress behind and let Glendale Camper Rental deliver and set-up your camper to Prince Gallitzin State Park or any other local location.  "Camping without a hitch.
Leave the stress behind and let Glendale Camper Rental deliver and set-up your camper to Prince Gallitzin State Park or any other local location. "Camping without a hitch.
Glendale Camper Rental Staff

Camping is a great way to get out and enjoy nature. It allows you to immerse yourself in the natural environment and interact with the world around us. Here in the Johnstown area, we have plenty of places to camp and enjoy our natural resources. It can be quite relaxing, at least after camp is set up. But there is a local company that has worked to take the stress out of camping.

Glendale Camper Rentals of Fallen Timber, about an hour from Johnstown, has a unique idea. Their tag line on their Facebook page is camping without a ‘hitch’. They offer camper rentals with delivery and setup at the campsite so that everything will be ready for you when you arrive to meet their mission of providing an affordable convenient vacation experience. The idea grew from the realization that many people were trying to stay at the cabins at Prince Gallitzin State Park. Many times they found it hard to get reservations because the cabins were booked so far in advance. So the company started renting campers for use at the park and other campgrounds.

This means that you can get the comfort provided by a camper without having to tow the trailer with your vehicle. It will allow you to start your vacation or weekend as soon as you arrive at the campground. It allows you to relax and enjoy the many activities.

The campers come with almost everything you need. They have pots, pans, plates, cups and even silverware. All you need to bring are sheets, towels, food, and personal items. They are also equipped with TV’s and DVD players. They have three sizes available; 26 footers, 30 footers and deluxe 34-37 footers. They will bring the camper to the site, which you must reserve, set it up and then come pick it up at the end of your stay. They have a close relationship with Prince Gallitzin State Park, but will deliver the camper to any campground within 20 miles of Fallentimber for free. They will also deliver to campgrounds farther away for a fee. In addition, they also allow pets in the campers for an additional fee, but you will need to ensure that you have a pet campsite at the park.

The cost is reasonable especially compared to cabins especially for a weekend. For example the cabins at the state parks in Pennsylvania must be rented for at least a week during the peak camping season. They offer weekend rentals (Thursday through Sunday) and weekly rentals. Rentals begin at $350 for a weekend and $500 for a week. Glendale Camper Rentals does permit pets in the campers, but an additional cleaning fee of $75 will be assessed. They also offer additional packages such as an outdoor package with chair and campfire cooking utensils.

Summer is coming and camper reservations are going fast so reserve yours today. To reserve your camper call Glendale Camper Rentals at (814)687-4580 or (814)932-2707. Reserve your campsite at Prince Gallitzin State Park or another campground and give Glendale Camper Rentals the reservation number. Then arrive at the campground and camp. At the end of your stay, just pack your stuff, clean-up and Glendale Camper Rentals will come and pick up the camper too.

Remember that you don’t have to own a camper or a vehicle to tow it to enjoy camping in style. Call Glendale Camper Rentals and make life easier.

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