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Johnson & Johnson Not Best for Baby?

From as far back as I can remember, Johnson & Johnson is the first baby brand I think of when it comes to childhood skincare use. From the No More Tangle Detangler lotion to the No more Tears shampoo, I think my mother used most of the products. However, recent studies show that good old J&J might not be the go-to brand for children of the future.

According to a Daily News article several Johnson & Johnson products contain products that are particularly harmful. So harmful that countries like Japan, the UK, Denmark, and S. Africa have banned some of the very same products we can easy find here in our local US drug stores.

One of those ingredients is Quaternium-15, which is used as a preservative in many of their products, however, studies have shown that it "acts as a Formaldehyde releaser". It kills bacteria by releasing formaldehyde (just like the embalming process) and it is also a known carcinogen. This was a complete shock to me as this ingredient is commonly found in the baby shampoo and several other products in the line.

Johnson and Johnson is more than aware that many of their ingredients are harmful, as many countries in Europe and around the world no longer carry the same products we sell here. Countries such as Denmark and South Africa only sell the reformulated natural line. The newer line, Johnson & Johnson Naturals, is about double the price as the original formula, so it doesn't seem like they are necessarily pushing the Naturals line.

According to recent articles Johnson & Johnson will release these safer products by 2015, however, if they are aware of the many harmful ingredients, why are they even selling it? They already have a new formula with safer ingredients, so why the delay?

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