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Johnson & Johnson inspires caring in children with 'Once Upon A Care'

A good value system is essential when raising a child. You want your child to grow up to be kind, caring and compassionate to everyone who enters their life whether a family member or a stranger. Without teaching these traits to our child, we raise children that are insensitive, uncaring and have no sense of empathy and they in turn will struggle through life and unfortunately may never be successful. Is that the type of life you want for your child?

Once Upon A Care

A recent Johnson & Johnson survey shows that parents have a tremendous impact when it comes to instilling caring values in their children. These insights led to a social exercise conducted by Johnson & Johnson to see the power of caring through the eyes of children. Johnson & Johnson is now revealing the results of its survey with a new online video titled 'Once Upon a Care.' which can be view attached.

Working with renowned children's book author Patricia Lakin (Max & Mo series, Muddy, Mud, Bud, Hurricane, Steve Jobs Thinking Differently), Johnson & Johnson visited a New York City elementary school to talk to children about their views on caring. Patricia Lakin then worked with illustrators to transform the children's stories into books, which the children could read to their parents giving them a unique glimpse into how a their actions as parent can positively impact how their children see the world and engage in acts of care.

With this exercise, Johnson & Johnson hopes to continue its mission to inspire others to perform more acts of care. Once you've watched the video on their YouTube site (by clicking here or the video attached) viewers can then download a digital copy of the 'Once Upon a Care' book by visiting the Johnson & Johnson Care Inspires Care site. For each digital download of the book Johnson & Johnson will donate a hardcopy of the book to school libraries. To learn more about 'Once Upon a Care' and meet the voices behind the stories visit Care Inspires Care. If your child has a caring story that you want to share make sure to visit the Care Inspires Care Facebook page so Johnson & Johnson can continue to inspire others to care.

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