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Johnson daylily farm's annual July sale

Variety Fire Chief
Variety Fire Chief
John M Poltrack

One of the most reliable reliable perennial plants for home gardeners is the daylily. This versatile plants is available in almost every color except white and blue. It is drought resistant, pest resilient and requires very little care.

In July the roadsides of New Ipswich are awash in the bright orange color of the common Tawny Daylily (Hemerocallis fulva) which is also known as "Ditch Lily", a variety which is quite invasive but useful for mass plantings of waste areas.

The Johnson family runs a daylily farm on 48 Mason Road, in New Ipswich, NH. In July the flowers are in full bloom in a breathtaking display.

The plants are field grown, and can be marked for pickup later in the fall when the conditions are better for transplanting.