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Johns Hopkins $190 million settlement: Gynecologist taped over 8,000 women

Johns Hopkins has made a settlement in their recent lawsuit and they will be paying out big time. On Monday, MSN shared the news that they will be paying $190 million in their recent settlement. This lawsuit is all because a gynecologist used a camera that was like a pen to take pictures and videos of women when he was doing their exams.

Dr. Nikita Levy got caught back in 2013. They made him turn over the camera and tapes. He then committed suicide a few days later, but Johns Hopkins is now dealing with the lawsuit since he worked for them." The women's lead attorney Jonathan Schochor said, "All of these women were brutalized by this. Some of these women needed counseling, they were sleepless, they were dysfunctional in the workplace, they were dysfunctional at home, they were dysfunctional with their mates. This breach of trust, this betrayal — this is how they felt.

One woman who this happened to said that she can't even go to the gynecologist now. It has been really hard on her and she is upset after this happened to her. It is very odd for a lawsuit like this to happen with no criminal charges. Since the man had passed away they were never able to file a lawsuit against him. There were no pictures of faces so you could only see the women's sexual organs. This made it hard to identify the women from just the pictures that he took of them.

This case could have hurt Johns Hopkins in more ways than they realize. They are paying out a huge settlement now, but they also hurt their reputation. Some people will never trust this hospital again after what happened to these women when using them.

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