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Johnny Weir & Victor Voronov going through with divorce

Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov reconciled over the weekend, but now they are going through with their divorce. According to Radar Online, the reason for their divorce this time is being blamed on Johnny’s mother. An insider told Radar Online, Victor contends that Johnny’s mother has too much control. She allegedly treats Victor as a second-class citizen.

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 13: Victor Voronov and figure skater Johnny Weir pose on the runway at the Alice + Olivia Fall 2012 Presentation during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Center 548 on February 13, 2012 in New York City.
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

According to the source, “Johnny never defends Victor to his mother, and it has just gotten out of control in the brief time the couple was broken up. According to Victor, there can’t be three people in the marriage. For now, the two are again at war with each other, with plans for the divorce to proceed.”

Over the weekend, Johnny wrote up a five-page post-nup, which forbids Victor from cheating on him. Victor was to refrain from having oral sex and sex outside the marriage. No sexting, aggressive flirting, or social media/gendr/dating. They could not be with or have contact with someone from their past that they dated or someone from their future that they want to date. If that happened, then the other party can veto the contract.

Johnny also wanted Victor banned from issuing him any more ultimatums. He gave an example of Victor’s ultimatum in his contract. Victor allegedly said, "If I give you one more day to get your bank records to me, then I want to have a free f*** of anyone I want."

Victor drew up his own contract in which he wanted Johnny to apologize for all the terrible things he said about him to the press after they broke up. He also requested that Johnny’s mother stay away from them.

This couple is going to have a hard time if they do get back together again. They apparently loved one another at one time, but now there is mistrust, and domestic violence in the mix.

Johnny is a professional skater, fashion designer and competed on Rachael vs. Guy on the Food Network channel.

Victor is a law graduate, but left his job when he married Johnny.

Do you think they should get back together again, or go their separate ways?

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