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Johnny Weir’s sexy commentator fashion gets fans talking Olympic figure skating

Johnny Weir talks figure skating on NBC
Johnny Weir talks figure skating on NBC
Johnny Weir/NBC screenshot

Johnny Weir is a figure skating legend. The athlete knows what it takes on the ice and off the ice he has got an eye for fashion too. Which is why when NBC shared that Weir would be behind the microphone at the Sochi Olympics everyone was praying they would put the man in front of the cameras too. The miracle happened on Sunday morning and fans got to see the sexy figure skater talk about the Olympians on the ice. According to Fansided on Sunday, the figure skater’s fashion has been discussed on social media quite extensively.

So why the interest in Johnny Weir’s clothing? First there was the ring. Perhaps a better question is where is Johnny’s finger? That rock was mammoth. If viewers could get past the finger jewelry, then the neckline of his shirt was completely distracting with the golden bubble chain. Yeah, it was distracting in a good way, but still hard to follow the skating competition.

Johnny Weir looked good in front of the camera and his knowledge of figure skating definitely was a benefit to the viewers who are watching the performance in the United States. While people might be talking about his fashion, it's not a bad thing. Fans have much admiration for the athlete who has many challenges in his personal life. It’s so good to see Weir doing what he loves.