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2014 Winter Olympics

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Johnny Weir’s pink blazer offers fashion style; US fans love figure skating star

Johnny Weir's pink blazer gets fashion attention
Johnny Weir's pink blazer gets fashion attention
Johnny Weir/Instagram

Johnny Weir’s pink blazer was visually stimulating and it definitely was attention grabbing. The commentary the athlete provided was just as interesting, but people are talking up Weir’s fashion sense. On Tuesday the pink blazer was getting more action on social media than the American figure skaters at the Winter Olympics and it was worth it. According to the Kansas City Star on Tuesday, Weir’s fashion is catching the attention of the fans as they tune into the live figure skating events in Sochi.

In fact many viewers of the figure skating competition are tuning in just to see what Johnny Weir might wear. The former Olympian would get a gold medal for all his choices outside of the ring. The fashion he shared on Tuesday included the bright pink blazer and it totally rocked.

As with any fashion style as elaborate at Johnny Weir’s there had to be some serious planning for the outfits to be perfect. One doesn’t just show up to the Olympics with a few items and whip it all together. Which is why so many people are wondering just how many pieces of luggage did the commentator bring to Sochi. There had to be more than a few to showcase all the fashion the star has so far and more is expected as figure skating isn't even half way through the competition yet!

NBC has one snazzy dresser on their roster for commentary and if people aren't tuning in to see the figure skating, then they are tuning in to see Weir’s fashion while catching a little bit of figure skating in the background!