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Johnny Weir’s braid is a tribute? Skater shows support to people of Kiev (photo)

Johnny Weir's fashion includes a braid on February 19
Johnny Weir/Instagram

Johnny Weir might be giving commentary on the Olympic figure skating, but the NBC Olympics host has another agenda on Wednesday. Fans around the world saw Johnny Weir’s braid way before they saw his fashion and it seemed rather shocking. According to Yahoo Sports on Wednesday, the way Johnny Weir’s hair looks is a very strong political message and tribute to the people of Kiev.

Johnny Weir’s braid is woven in a traditional Ukrainian style. This is significant as he wanted to let the people of Kiev know he was supporting them and thinking of their struggle. The rioting of the Ukrainian people has been broadcast around the world as people watch the civil unrest in the country get international concern. So far 25 people have died and the pictures of the fires seen in the area are overwhelming.

The idea of a Johnny Weir’s hairstyle making such a strong tribute statement might sound weird, but Weir is brilliant when it comes to getting people to talk. Coming up with a way to share without speaking, this hair idea offers everyone a reason to check and see what is going on while still keeping the focus on the job of commentating on figure skating.

Johnny Weir is definitely a star at the Olympics and he hasn't even stepped on the ice!

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