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Johnny Weir putting on a Putin rebellion with his sexy flamboyant fashion

Johnny Weir, the 29-year-old Olympic skater turned commentator. has a fashion all of his own for the Olympic events in Sochi. Weir's mode of dress will most likely curl Putin's toes and folks are loving him for staying true to himself in a country whose leader wants gay people to stay away from the children.

Johnny Weir doing up the Olympics in fashion, a Putin fashion-rebellion!
Photo by Jason Merritt

According to Hollywood Life on Feb. 12, Weir got friction from the LGBT community for refusing to boycott the Olympics, but those folks can be proud of him today. He did one better than boycott the games, he is flying his true colors in the face of the people who feel that gay people are a sub-culture to avoid.

In a country where jail and even a beating is not uncommon for someone who is flamboyantly gay, Weir dresses to the max, makeup and all, and doesn't care what folks in Russia have to say. Weir feels that the Olympics is not the place to make a protest, but he refuses to tone it down for anyone.

As Hollywood Life suggests, what is Putin going to do arrest Johnny Weir? If he was violent or destructive, there would be no problem from any country if he was arrested. How can the government justify arresting Weir for wearing leggins and a lovely grouping of pearls? That wouldn't sit well with foreign relations.

His LGBT friends can be proud of Weir today, he went to the 2014 Olympics and conquered all by making one heck of a fashion statement!

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