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Johnny Weir packs 10 pounds of jewelry for Sochi? Olympic fashion gets heavy

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Johnny Weir has looked fabulous almost every night he has been a NBC commentator for Olympic figure skating or ice dancing competitions. However, some fans might be surprised to learn he didn't decide on his clothes the night before. In fact he actually decided on taking several suitcases and prepared his clothes over a month ago. According to the Today show on Monday the star along with his co-host Tara Lipinski, brought 10 pounds of jewelry to Sochi to wear during his job.

“I started pulling clothes from different designers and jewelry from different designers about a month before we came over,” said Johnny Weir during the Today show interview. Obviously packing too many clothes the idea was to have a variety of outfits as the hosts knew they needed to prove themselves to the American audience.

The most amazing thing about Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski is how much they have helped the fans with the figure skating routines on NBC Olympics and with fashion. New foot sequences like a twizzle have explained and issues the skaters face on the ice are clarified for the fans.

While 10 pounds of jewelry might be a little bit drastic, there is no doubt the hosts needed to make sure they had exactly what they need for the day of the broadcast. Add that they also took 22 pairs of shoes and eight suitcases and it sounds like the large volume of items were necessary for the perfect look!