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2014 Winter Olympics

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Johnny Weir is not afraid of Russia? NBC Olympics commentator loves his job

Johnny Weir isn't worried about Russia
Johnny Weir isn't worried about Russia
Johnny Weir/Instagram

Johnny Weir’s fashion is seen on NBC every time there is an Olympic figure skating event and he is perfect! The man who many viewers feel is the perfect choice for NBC Olympics coverage is having a great time in Sochi working. Talking to the Today show on Monday, it appears that Johnny Weir has been welcomed by Russia and the Olympics with open arms. Apparently he isn't even a tiny bit afraid of Russia.

“I’m not afraid of Russia. I've never had one bad homophobic experience here,” said Johnny Weir on the Today show. The skater was all smiles as he discussed his journey so far with his job at the Olympics.

Perhaps Russia is a little afraid of Johnny Weir? Not because who he is, but because he has got some snappy fashion and could show the country a thing or two about looking good. With his fashion savvy seen almost nightly, even Americans are finding his suggestions of style interesting and thoughtful.

If there has been one great move for NBC Olympics, it was hiring Johnny Weir for the broadcast. He knows his figure skating and he offers his opinion. It can be harsh or kind but either way it’s 100% genuine and to the point. The fans appreciate hearing commentary from someone who has been on the ice. Add his great fashion and it’s a good reason to watch!