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Johnny Weir divorce drama forces exit from 'Celebrity Apprentice'

Johnny Weir was forced to quit "Celebrity Apprentice" after divorce drama gets ugly.
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for EJAF

The divorce drama between Johnny Weir and husband Victor Voronov hit epic levels and unfortunately it has caused Weir to leave "Celebrity Apprentice." On March 27, Radar Online reports that Weir was not on set for the last week of filming and has left the reality show because he feels the divorce mess is too much of a distraction.

Weir announced via Twitter just last week that he and husband Voronov would be headed for divorce. That's when it all got real ugly. The pair have been battling over money, their home and even the family pet.

Olympic skater Johnny Weir is claiming that Victor Voronov is making up absurd things about him and their relationship in an effort to destroy him publicly. While still together, the couple were involved in a domestic dispute that landed Weir with domestic violence charges. They were later dropped after Weir and Voronov appeared in court.

The Weir-Volonov divorce was initially filed in February. A judge recently ruled that Weir is to pay Volonov's attorney fees, rent, utilities and $1000 a month in support. Additionally, they will have joint custody of the pooch. Victor gets to keep Tema the dog for one week each month and any time Johnny is out of town for more than two days.

The Johnny Weir divorce drama has just begun to gain momentum. As Weir and Volonov work through dissolving their short union, it is sure to heat up.

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