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Johnny Weir brightens up a dull Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics games

A photo of Johnny Weir in his pink blazer.
A photo of Johnny Weir in his pink blazer.
Photo by Johnny Weir/Instagram

Talk about sticking it to Putin. Johnny Weir has always been known for his fabulous fashion sense. But his style is getting more attention at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Russia. Weir was reportedly seen in some bright and colorful fashions, USA TODAY SPORTS reported on Feb. 11.

This is the first time that Weir has become the voice for the figure skating competition. The two-time Winter Olympian is honored to be a commentator for the popular winter sport. It’s no surprise that he’ll quickly become a winter Olympic staple for years to come.

There’s been plenty of talk about his choice of outfits. He’s been seen in everything from a fur coat and gold jewelry to a pink blazer and leather pants.

Weir even wore plaited hair at one of the events. He’s been getting plenty of attention for what he’s been wearing instead of what he’s been saying.

He's not letting Russia's anti-gay statues hold him back with his outrageous style.

The figure skater has been showing off his outfits on Instagram before each of the events. He told USA TODAY Sports’ Nancy Armour how he puts together his outfits:

“I put them all together. Through, loving fashion, I felt a lot of love back from fashion, and there were so many designers that generously lent me things. Especially the jewelry. Joomi Lim It’s a beautiful young Korean jewelry designer in New York. I wear a lot of Erickson Beamon, which is another jewelry company in New York. I have so many friends in so many places in the fashion world that I can pull and pick and choose and borrow and do all sorts of beautiful looks.
“Being on television, you get one chance really to have that moment and then it’s weird to wear it afterward so I love that I can borrow, I have that ability.

“But of course I’m still a very astute shopper. I save up to do my shopping. Fashion’s always been my thing.”

It’s very obvious that fashion is his thing. His opinionated personality and loud fashion sense is a refreshing change to NBCSN’s stale figure skating coverage.

Johnny Weir works alongside 1998 gold medalist Tara Lipinski and Terry Gannon. Weir and Lipinski quickly became besties, as witnessed on Instagram.

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