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Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov divorce drama increases

Johnny Weir
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for EJAF

The drama continues for Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov as the couple pursues a divorce. TMZ reports on March 23 that Voronov claims Weir is lying about warning him a divorce was coming and is using a love note as evidence. On the other hand, Weir argues that Voronov was aware the relationship was falling apart and could not be saved.

The couple previously had domestic disputes, but Weir claims he was defending himself while Voronov has a different story. Voronov asked for a restraining order, and Weir wanted an order to let him enter their apartment to reclaim his belongings. Although Weir was allowed to get his items, Voronov cannot forgive him for taking the dog.

Voronov continues to argue that the divorce has devastated him without warning, and he was not prepared for it. However, this is unlikely to change the status of his relationship because Weir seems determined to become single again. He may have worn his wedding ring to the Oscars, but he does not want to be tied down anymore. Some sources blame Weir’s new role as a sports commentator for creating tension in the relationship and causing the divorce, and the former figure skater admits it was a problem. He felt Voronov was not happy with his frequent need to travel and resented his work. Weir also claims that his marriage has become threatening, his husband hits him, and the relationship cannot be saved.

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