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2014 Winter Olympics

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Johnny Quinn: US bobsledder stuck again, this time in an elevator
Johnny Quinn: Stuck again?

By the time the Olympics are over, US bobsledder Johnny Quinn is going to have a fear of anything with a hinge. Just a few days after Quinn made a huge Twitter splash with his pic of his demolished bathroom door, Yahoo! Sports is reporting today that Quinn, once again, got wedged in a confined place.

No one is going to believe this but we just got stuck in an elevator. Ask @BOBSLEDR and @Crippsee who were there... – Johnny Quinn (@JohnnyQuinnUSA)

At least this time, he wasn’t naked, and didn’t have to smash through the door to get out. Quinn was with two of his fellow bobsledders, who of course made fun of the situation.

Of course I'm with @JohnnyQuinnUSA when the elevator door breaks and we get stuck! Good thing I'm with him! — Nick Cunningham (@BOBSLEDR)

Now we're stuck in the elevator! Can @JohnnyQuinnUSA get us out ? — David Cripps (@Crippsee)

“Doors 2, Johnny Quinn 0,” Yahoo! joked.

Quinn, who is a former practice squad player for the NFL’s Green Bay Packers and Buffalo Bills, was a bit of a no name until he jumped into his Olympic Village hotel room shower, and couldn’t get out.

His hilarious tweet was retweeted over 25,000 times and favorited over 13,000 times and, suddenly, Quinn was a name we all knew – though not for the notoriety that he had hoped for.

Speaking of the bathroom door incident, Quinn said: “My neighbors are my two other teammates on the bobsled, so I was banging on the wall, trying to get their attention… I was sitting there banging on random parts of the wall to see if I could, you know, catch somebody’s attention and, as I’m banging on random parts going around the bathroom, I kind of hit the door and it cracks.”

Quinn said his teammates heard the banging, but thought it was only construction work.

“So I go a little bit harder and my fist goes through the door. So I see light and I’m like, ‘Okay, time to get out of here now,’” Quinn recounted.

Even celebrities are getting in on the Johnny Quinn news:

@JohnnyQuinnUSA you’ve certainly made your mark. As I told Mr Cunningham, take a piece of the door to tell your kids. ;-) Bill — William Shatner (@WilliamShatner)

True story. I once crashed through the bathroom door at The Tonight Show. Take that @JohnnyQuinnUSA . #Olympics — Gilbert Gottfried (@RealGilbert)

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