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2014 Winter Olympics

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Johnny Quinn: 'Smash' Olympic bobsledder busts through his bathroom door

Johnny Quinn has become an overnight “smash” sensation, but not for the reason he had hoped. The former NFL player turned Olympian was forced to bust through his bathroom door in his Olympic Village room after he became trapped inside.

Yahoo! Sports reported today that Quinn was left no choice but to demolish his door – superhero style – after his calls for help went unheeded. According to Quinn, his teammates thought his attempts for help were merely construction noise, an ongoing sound in the Olympic Village and media hotel area.

Quinn was a good sport about the ordeal, and posted a picture of what was left of the door on Twitter. I’ll admit, the shattered door with the gaping hole does look kind of cool, and twitter users agreed. Quinn’s bizarre tweet picked up 23,000 retweets and gained the bobsledder 11,000 new followers in a single day.

...With no phone to call for help, I used my bobsled push training to break out. #SochiJailBreak -- @JohnnyQuinnUSA

“I was taking a shower. Didn't have my phone. No towel,” Quinn recounted. “I go to move the handle and I can't get out. I checked the lock to see if I had accidentally locked it. Nothing. I pry the top, pry the bottom and see if I can wiggle it loose. I'm getting frustrated waiting it out, hoping someone will come back in the room.”

When no one came, Quinn took to banging on the door and walls.

“I start banging on random parts of the bathroom. I get to the door and I hit it … and it cracks. So I go even harder and I hit it again, and my fist goes through. I see the daylight from the room come in, so I thought, ‘Time [for] me to get out of here.’”

Quinn managed to rip a hole wide enough where he was able to wiggle through, naked.

“I was banging, trying to get their attention, yelling their names and hitting the wall and nothing,” Quinn said. “I come to find out they thought it was construction on the roof.”

A trio of Russian repairmen have since removed the remnants of the old door and installed a new (fully functioning) one.

Quinn’s ordeal highlights a number of nightmares that visitors to the not-yet-completed village and hotels encountered upon their arrival last week to Sochi, and also begs the question – why do the doors look like they are made out of chicken coop wire and wet cardboard?

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