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Johnny Quinn Olympic bobsledder: Captive of Sochi Village craftsmanship again

Johnny Quinn stuck in elevator at Sochi Village, this makes second time Sochi craftsmanship held him captive.
Twitter/ Johnny Quinn

Johnny Quinn, who made the headlines after getting stuck in the bathroom of his Sochi Village digs, is held captive for the second time by the craftsmanship of the newly built Olympic village. This time he tweeted a picture of himself clawing at an elevator door trying to get out, according to Fox Sports on Feb. 10.

He is in the elevator with teammate Nick Cunningham and David Cripps, who is the technical director for the U.S. bobsled team. Along with Quinn's tweeted picture he writes:

"No one is going to believe this but we just got stuck in an elevator. Ask @BOBSLEDR and @Crippsee who were there..."

Since Quinn and his buddies tweeted that they were caught in the elevator, he hasn't posted on Twitter again. Are they still stuck inside? It looks as if Quinn has become a victim of the craftsmanship and technology of the new Sochi Village.

It was just a few days ago that the 6-foot-2 American bobsledder weighing 220 pounds had to literally bust his way out of the bathroom in his Sochi hotel room. He tweeted a picture of a bathroom door with a hole in it just big enough for him to crawl out of. You can see the picture here on Fox.

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