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Johnny Manziel caught at Justin Bieber's house with Floyd Mayweather

Johnny Manziel was caught partying with Justin Bieber and other celebrities, namely Floyd Mayweather and Tyrese, on Monday night. The Cleveland Brown’s quarterback is a magnet for trouble even if there isn’t any to report. Once again, the uproar came of age due to a selfie of the four stars at Justin Biebers new house in Beverly Hills.

Johnny Manziel flashing the OVO sign.
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Apparently, Johnny Manziel isn’t allowed to stay in or go out in these days of social media. Every little thing he does is met with criticism and character assassinations. So many people want Johnny Manziel to fail, they flip out any chance they get.

According to TMZ, the Beverly Hills cops were called to the residence more than once. The first law enforcement showed up to the house, they received a noise violation complaint by one of the neighbors. A second time was due to all the female “Beliebers” causing a disturbance outside of the residence.

Here are some of the revealing pictures from Selfie Gate at Bieber's house.

Even though it seems like an innocent gathering with friends, the Cleveland Browns may have something to say to Johnny Football again. There’s really not much to say in this case, but you never know what the ramifications will be.

Johnny Manziel wants to be the starter on Day one of the NFL season, but Cleveland is reportedly working on a contract extension with Brian Hoyer. It’s best to believe that the Browns are noting every transgression before and after training camp starts.

Cleveland is set to commence training camp on Saturday July 26. Luckily for everybody involved, Johnny Manziel should be too busy and tired for extracurricular activities. However, there will be times when he goes out to eat. Subsequently, football fans everywhere will yell from the mountaintops. “What type of rookie quarterback goes out to eat?”

To be fair, we all have to eat at some point. As long as Manziel isn’t eating with Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather, he may escape some of the wrath via the public.


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