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Johnny Manziel: Browns want him to 'tone it down," but he says won't change

Johnny Manziel seems to already be butting heads with the Browns.
Johnny Manziel seems to already be butting heads with the Browns.
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Even though training camp hasn't even started for the Cleveland Browns, there are already some issues between them and their first-round draft pick. Quarterback Johnny Manziel has reportedly been told to "tone it down" by the Browns, according to Bleacher Report on June 27, 2014. Manziel, he has let it be known that he isn't going to change for anyone or anything.

Chris Mortensen, ESPN's ultimate NFL analyst, has reported that the Browns have spoken to Manziel about "toning it down" and to really stop building up the hype. It's also being said that Browns owner Jimmy Haslam does not like what Manziel has been doing on social media sites.

According to a new report from Yahoo Sports, Manziel is actually sick of the off-the-field attention. That doesn't mean he will change his ways though. He just doesn't want to be a constant discussion piece because of his partying.

"I’m sitting here seeing these things and I’m tired of it as well," Manziel said in the interview, posted on YouTube by "I want to wake up with a week and not have my name going through something."

It all starts back in his college days with the money gesture after scores and his mocking of autograph signing after the semi-scandal went down.

Now, he's being seen all over Twitter and Facebook (again) as a party-boy. Sure, he has that right to do what he wishes in his off-time, if not breaking the law or his contract obligations, but the problem is that he's showing it all over the Internet.

A professional football team is never going to be too fond of that. Still, Manziel says he is going to keep doing what he wants to do.

"I’m not going to change who I am for anybody," he said.

No-one is asking him to change. No-one wants him to stop being who he is. His bosses simply want the focus to be on his work ethic and football instead of his partying.

The thing is, it's not the media the Browns are worried about. They want that focus from Johnny Manziel, himself.

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