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Johnny Depp: Making plans to tie the knot with Amber Heard

Johnny Depp parted ways two years ago after a fourteen year relationship with the mothers of his two children. He has a son, Jack who is eleven and a daughter, Lily-Rose who is fourteen years old that he loves very much and was saddened that they also were affected by the permanent separation.

Johnny Depp get engaged!
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That was then and now Depp has moved on and found a new love. According to CBS News on Jan. 18 Johnny Depp has placed a large diamond ring upon the left finger of Amber Heard. People Magazine has confirmed this is not a rumor and these two are engaged with plans to tie the knot.

There is no set date for the wedding but the couple is discussing plans regarding their future together. Amber has even had the opportunity to spend time with her future step-daughter working on bonding with her and getting her used to the idea that she will be a huge part of her father’s life just like she is.

Depp and Heard met a year ago on the movie set of “The Rum Diary” and became friends. They didn’t go public with their relationship until a year later. Johnny Depp is fifty and Amber Heard is twenty-seven years old, that’s a twenty-three year difference in their ages.

The newly engaged couple will soon be on the big screen together. A new upcoming film is about to be released starring Amber and featuring Depp in a cameo called “London Fields”.

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