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Johnny Depp and his rendition of Tonto

Johnny Depp
Getty Images

Johnny Depp is sporting a new look and it's just as wild and crazy as you think. In the much anticipated upcoming adaptation of the The Lone Ranger, Depp is cast as the Native American sidekick Tonto but sports a crazy, stripe-faced look unlike the original Tonto who was a lot more dressed down.

Although initial reports mentioned that Depp was inspired by Marilyn Manson, a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly reveals the portrait that inspired the look of his latest character. The look draws from a painting by an artist named Kirby Sattler depicting a heavily painted Native American warrior. Depp felt that the face paint and headdress provided insight into the characters personality and gave him dimension. Having played such great characters as Willy Wonka and Captain Jack Sparrow, his collaborators approved the look and the revamped Tonto was born.

If you can't wait a year for Lone Ranger, you can see Depp very soon in Dark Shadows, coming to theaters on May 11th.

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