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Johnny Carson gives shocking career advancement technique

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Johnny Carson was the undisputed “King of Late Night Television” as the host of The Tonight Show for three decades. As an NBC icon he was able to dictate the terms of his contracts in an unprecedented manner due to the simple fact that in some years his show provided more profit to NBC than the rest of the schedule combined.

With strong Midwestern work ethics the Nebraska native was able to make his job seem effortless. But as easy as it appeared to Carson others would struggle. Joey Bishop, Pat Sajak, Joan Rivers, and others failed to be able to capture the late night audience the way Carson did.

What was the key to Carson’s success?

“My success evolved,” Carson said, “Working at the business at hand each day.”

While many professionals do just enough to keep their job (up to 75% claimed this in several studies) Carson worked diligently at coming up with the best jokes, comic routines, and guest relations.

His work ethic compels all people to follow his example. Specifically you need to devote your efforts in the workplace to getting the job done as if it were a relatively routine experience for you while spending as much time as possible keeping yourself up to date on your industry or profession.

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