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John William's amazing score to Star Wars to be spectacularly performed this Sunday at the UC

A view of the multi-media performance attendees can expect Sunday

This Sunday, December 6th, The United Center will play host to a performance of the famous musical score of the Star Wars films, written by John Williams. If you are thinking to yourself, "I am not a fan of Star Wars that much, plus I am not even that into classical music" its okay because there is still reason to go to this event. All 3 of the original Star War's compositions were nominate for the Academy Award for best score, with the first one winning it. Plus Williams has been nominated for an imposing 21 Grammys. So to say its a talented and recognized composition & composer would be putting it extremely lightly. 

Plus this show is going to be a fantastic synthesis of visual and auditory stimuli. It will be a full multi-media performance, lasting 2 hours, using a massive HD screen and impressive light show to help elucidate the story of Anakin Skywalker through clips from all of the 6 movies. Of course this will all be put to the score with the help of a full live symphony orchestra and chorus. It will be conducted by Dirk Brossé, a popular Flemish Belgian composer and conductor who has been considered one of Europe's more talented composers for over a decade now.

But the real focus will be the superlative music created by John Williams for these iconic films. The music is well remember for Williams' use of "Leitmotif", or the linking of melodic phrases with characters that can then be altered to express the situations the characters find themselves in. Its a truly genius manner of adapting music for a story, and it works well because we all know well the da-da-da, dum-de-da, dum-de-da that accompanies Dark Vader wherever he goes.

This show will truly be something that anyone who appreciates great music will enjoy, and the fan of classical music will love. It would be a perfect family event, or a perfect event to celebrate music and film on a December Sunday. 

To learn more about the show just click here.