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John Wiley Price corruption trial: High-profile Dallas case has 'everything!'

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Thursday, Dallas' WFAA reported that John Wiley Price's attorney, Billy Ravkind, claimed the commissioner will be on the witness stand to speak in his own defense. Ravkind boldly confirmed, "He'll be there; he'll testify [and] the jury will believe him or not believe him."

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Perhaps the Price case is a high-profile plum for Ravkind, who described it, saying, "It's got intrigue. It's got adventure - it's got everything!"

The FBI corruption investigation of Commissioner Price and two of his close colleagues is ongoing, and no charges have yet been filed. Price's home and office have been raided by the FBI, and cash in amounts over $200,000 (mostly in $100 bills) was confiscated.

Price has thus far been accused of a laundry list of crimes, including:

Allegations regarding the origination of the money were recorded in a hefty affidavit that was recently unsealed by prosecutors. The affidavit meticulously lists who's who, the times, dates, bank transactions, land deals and votes on lucrative contracts by Price.

After personally investigating the allegations contained within, it appears Price's attorneys have found their own truth. One is claiming,“I won't use the word 'lie'; but they [the allegations] are not true."

A lot can change between now and the trial. It's possible Price may reconsider if he dwells on the fact that former Dallas Mayor Pro Tem, Don Hill, performed so poorly when he took the stand that many consider it likely his guilty sentence was directly attributed to what a bad impression he made on the jury.

John Wiley is well known for two things, his ability to be reelected year-after-year running as "Your Man Downtown" in the South Dallas community plus a temper so explosive that his frequent melt-downs often make national news. Dare he take the stand?