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John Walsh to replace Piers Morgan as CNN's gun-control poster boy

John Walsh hosts "The Hunt" on CNN
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

CNN fired Piers Morgan in 2013 for his un-American stance on firearms. The Cable News Network hopes to replace him with another gun-control fanatic in the form of John Walsh, former host of "America's Most Wanted", the network announced today.

Walsh stated earlier today:"We have a serious problem with guns in this country, and we refuse to address it. The NRA solution to arm every grammar school 80-year-old teacher with a gun is absolutely ludicrous."

A search on google and lexis-nexis revealed no statement of that sort was ever mentioned by the National Rifle Association. Octogenarian school teachers seem to be in short supply as well.

Walsh went on to claim that Vice President Biden used the term "tea-bagger" when referring to republican lawmakers. In keeping with his obsession of men's testicles, Walsh said that Piers Morgan was "the only journalist who had the balls to tackle the gun problem straight on."

While the thought of the popular television host as a gun control proponent may be foreign to some, it is hardly news to this Examiner. In 1995 at the conclusion of a shooting event at the Tampa Police Range in Tampa, Florida, we raised over $5000 and were donating it to the Adam Walsh Foundation for Missing Children, named for Walsh's son who was kidnapped and murdered in Florida in 1981.

The elder Walsh refused the donation, even though it was coming from a police range full of law-abiding gun owners. More surprising was the television show host's crude and vulgar language.

Walsh is no stranger to generalizing and profiling based on media hype and ignoring facts, however. In 2007, he told the Wall Street Journal that male babysitters were potential child molesters: "It's all about minimizing risks. What dog is more likely to bite and hurt you? A Doberman, not a poodle. Who's more likely to molest a child? A male."

While the new show will not be a political talk show, but a rehashed version of the former, America's Most Wanted. We can expect Walsh to lampoon gun owners, use emotional outbursts instead of hard facts and take a socialist view with regard to responsible firearms ownership while claiming to be a firearms owner and hunter.

It is a show that this Examiner will not be watching.

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