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John Van Hamersveld interviews on 'The Poster Show'

In June, the Museum of Art & History (MOAH) in Lancaster, California will open The Poster Show, featuring more than eighty-five posters created by the renowned pop artist and graphic designer John Van Hamersveld.

The Endless Summer poster
The Endless Summer poster
John Van Hamersveld
John Van Hamersveld interviews on 'The Poster Show'
Courtesy of John Van Hamersveld

Opening soon after the May event in Huntington Beach celebrating the 50th Anniversary of The Endless Summer film, the large-scale, colorful MOAH exhibition will cover fifty years of Van Hamersveld's remarkable and prolific poster design work.

Van Hamersveld's posters have been created for a wide range of clients – designed for everyone from the Venice Beach art scene to the NYC Cooper Hewitt Museum. Inspirational poster art filling the MOAH walls will include his famous psychedelic 'Hendrix Pinnacle' poster for the Shrine Auditorium event, his iconic 'Pinnacle Indian' poster for Jefferson Airplane, his Chouinard posters (with imagery later incorporated into the 2013 and 2014 Venice Clinic Art Walk posters), his 2005 Cream reunion poster for Eric Clapton, his 2009 HeadBlade posters for product retail promotion, and much more.

In this recent interview, Van Hamersveld describes the importance of creating posters, saying, "it's the packaging that grabs the attention and quickly communicates with the consumers." He adds that, as a combination of typographical elements and graphics, "a poster design can be both eye-catching and informational, and posters are used for many purposes" in communicating a message.

While studying at Art Center in the early sixties, Van Hamersveld created 'The Endless Summer' poster, an image that internationally exploded and continues to travel the world. A surfer himself, Van Hamersveld deeply connected with the concept and applied his classwork to create the vivid, unforgettable imagery.

He mentions that 'The Endless Summer' poster "uses the word-image metaphor principle to connect the images with the title treatment for the movie." He continues, "the abstract photographic image of the surfers as standing figures on the beach, the day-glo color inks, the geometric shapes defining the sky, the sun on the horizon - all abstract to assume the reality of the metaphor that captures the whole idea."

The Poser Show exhibit at the MOAH will occur from June 21 to October 1, 2014. For more information, visit: